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Apr 16, 2023

Our 3rd auction of 2023 closed last Saturday evening. The collection contained a number of promising young horses and there was great interest from all over the world. On average, the horses were sold for 13,500 euros and about 90% of the horses have found a new owner. "We are pleased with the success of this auction and the opportunity to connect sellers and buyers from all over the world," said Alwin & Niels.

Fierce battle for several horses

There was a lot of interest in Sien van de Bisschop, a mare from 2018 that was sold for 25,000 euros. The bidding duel heated up at 20:00 and ended almost 40 minutes later with the highest bid from the United Arab Emirates. Sien van de Bisschop is a descendant of the famous stallion Bamako de Muze and has an impressive pedigree with several successful show jumpers.

Pandor Fortuna, a stallion from 2020, was sold for 24,000 euros and is going to Poland. There were several interested parties who kept bidding back and forth for almost 2.5 hours on Saturday-evening until Poland finally won the game. This promising stallion is a descendant of the stallion Luigi d'Eclipse.

The stallion Choco Blue de Melodie Z stays in the Netherlands for 21,000 euros. He is a descendant of the stallion Chacoon Blue, who is known for his exceptional jumping talent.

The first bid on Lady Casall CM DXB came in immediately after the auction opened. She was eventually sold for 20,000 euros to a buyer in Saudi Arabia who ultimately won. Lady Casall is a descendant of the famous Casall Ask, who is known for his jumping skills and breeding performance.

Next auction: Foals & Embryos

Our next auction will take place from 21 to 24 June and will feature foals and embryos. Owners can still register their promising foals for the auction. Keep an eye on our website for more information and to stay informed about future auctions.

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