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Aug 10, 2020

After a very successful edition in June, comes again with a promising collection. Foals, Broodmares and embryos are all part of the fantastic collection of the August auction edition. Bidding is possible from August 19th, the auction ends on saturday August 22th from 10pm. 

Qualitatively good provides breeders a unique platform to present their breeding products to potential customers all over the world. Niels Mulder, together with Alwin Scholten the men behind paardenveilingonline: “Our goal is to bring breeders and buyers together in a way that is open to everyone. In this way we help the breeders with their sales and our buyers with good quality (jumping bred) foals or embryos” 
Low cost for everyone
"The auction in June went extremely well. People liked to buy from our collection. Therefore, we quickly filled the collection for this second edition. We even had to say 'no'. We distinguish ourselves as an auction by keeping both the buying and selling party of paramount importance. We do this by keeping the costs low for everyone. Other auctions put a percentage up to 20% on top of the selling price. In the end, this money goes to the organization of the auction. We work more transparantly with lower costs for everyone. That is why we handle fixed prices for registration, but also for sales. This means that the buyer never pays more than €750 at purchase, in many cases even less," says Scholten.  
Divers auction and for every budget
We notice that there is a lot of demand from the breeders to sell their foals, broodmares and embryos. Of course there are a lot of online auctions at the moment, but in the way we distinguish ourselves the demand remains high with both the breeders and buyers. That is why we organize another auction in this season. Again we were able to put together a fantastic collection with around 40 items. The foals are on top, about 30 of them will be put up for auction. In addition, we come up with five embryos and five interesting broodmares in the auction. Our auction is very diverse. There is something for every budget, from a foal that can be sold for an affordable price, to something very special. In the auction, we have foals from proven stallions but also from young stallions we will certainly hear about. 
Proud of our collection 
We are very proud of the current collection. We are offering very nice and very well bread foals from Calvaro, Cornet Obolensky, Carrera VDL, Heartbeat Z, Diarado and Diamant de Semilly. Besides that, we have good broodmare including For Pleasure and Quidam de Revel. Interesting embryos are also being auctioned. One of them is a Chacco-Blue from de Roosakker familie, mother Goya. 
Registration and bidding 
We are looking forward to the second edition of and we would like to invite everyone to view the collection. You must register to be able to bid. This can be done very simple through our registration page.

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