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Aug 30, 2021

Colour: Brown
Year of birth: 1999
Height: 1.67m
Studbook: Holsteiner
Gender: Stallion


This stallion is very spirited under saddle, has an impressive jump and very strong legs.


Casall has produced approximately 3000 offspring until 2021. There are quite a few of which more than 1000 have been released in sports. More than 45 descendants have won more than € 50,000 and together the descendants have won no less than € 13,000,000.

According to the World Breeding Federation of Sport, Casall has been one of the top twenty showjumping horse sires since 2013. He occupies fifth place in the 2020 ranking.

Casall is approved in various studbooks including: BRANDENBURG, HOLSTEIN, SELLE FRANCAIS, RHINELAND, SBS and IRISH WARMBLOOD.

Many of his offspring perform well at Grand Prix level.

A number of toppers of offspring of this beautiful stallion include:
Chesall Zimequest, Casello, Caracas, Cita and Casallo Z.

All offspring:

In our auctions we've sold Remigius E.C. from Casall.


With his height of 1.67m and a beautiful brown color, Casall is a beautiful stallion to see.


At the pre-selection for the Holstein stallion selection in November 2001, Casall, as a 2-year-old stallion, already stood out as a particularly interesting stallion and he has lived up to it. In 2017 Casall said goodbye to show jumping with a winning sum of € 3,355,000. His presentation list is very long, below are some of his impressive achievements.

2017: 2nd at the CHIO in Aachen
2009: 1st Grand Prix in Gothenburg
2009: 1st Grand Prix in Oslo
2010: 1st Grand Prix in Rotterdam
2010: 1st Grand Prix in Falsterbo
2010: 1st World Cup in 's Hertegenbosch
2010: 1st World Cup in Gothenburg
2010: 1st World Cup in Braunschweig
2011: 1st Grand Prix in Hamburg
2011: 1st Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
2011: 1st World Cup Lyon
2012: 6th Olympic Games with the Nations Cup
2013: 4th European Championship in Herning
2014: 1st Grand Prix in Basel
2014: 1st Grand Prix in Doha
2015: 1st London Grand Prix
2015: 1st Grand Prix of Rome
2015: 2nd World Cup in Gothenburg
2016: Overall winner in the Globals Champions Tour
2016: 1st Grand Prix of Paris

Sperm from this impressive stallion can be ordered from:


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