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Feb 23, 2023

Especially for you as a relationship of Paardenveilingonline, together with our partner Hippo Horse Insurance, we have developed an insurance policy that is in line with the implanted embryos in this auction.

What is insured?

This insurance pays out a one-off amount in the event of a covered event as summarized below.

Insured amount

We insure the embryo against hammer blow with a maximum of € 25,000. Of course, this amount can always be adjusted downwards.


  • There is coverage if the embryo/foal is rejected by the surrogate mare.
  • There is cover if the foal is born dead or deformed.
  • There is cover in case of death, emergency slaughter and/or permanent incapacity of the insured foal as a result of an illness, accident or lameness

What is not insured?

  • In the case of a twin pregnancy, no compensation will be paid if one of the two foals is born dead or deformed or dies during the term of the insurance. If both foals die, payment will be made on the basis of one foal.
  • There is no entitlement to benefit if there is a congenital hereditary defect.

Premiums in percentages of the insured value

The premium is determined on the basis of gestation period, age and history of the surrogate mare and the sale price. That is why one of Hippo Horse Insurance's specialists will contact you.

If one or more embryos have been rejected or foals have been born dead in the past 3 years, the premiums and acceptance are on request.
If the mare or surrogate mare is older than 15 years, acceptance is based on the submitted documents.

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